10 Annoying things men AND women do in the bathroom!!


Let’s just throw it all out there…it’s hard to get used to living with someone right?? Here are the top things we ALL do (some more than others of course) in the bathroom to annoy the other sex.

Here are the 10 most annoying habits women have . . .

1. Leaving a mess on the seat if they “hover.”

2. Not properly disposing of feminine hygiene products.

3. Not bothering to flush.

4. Not washing their hands.

5. Taking too long in public bathrooms, and causing a long line.

6. Always going to the bathroom in pairs.

7. Blocking the sink to look at their hair and makeup in the mirror.

8. Talking loudly to someone in another stall.

9. Not wiping down the seat.

10. Always leaving the toilet seat DOWN.

And here are the 10 most annoying habits MEN have. . .

1. Not lifting the seat to pee, and getting it wet.

2. Not putting the toilet seat down.

3. Not bothering to flush.

4. Aiming badly and leaving puddles on the floor.

5. Not washing their hands.

6. Stinking up the place.

7. Breaking wind in public bathrooms.

8. Peeing in the sink if all the urinals are taken.

9. Peeing outdoors if it’s more convenient.

10. Not wiping well enough and staining their underwear.

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