9 Signs You’re a Psychopath!


I’m kind of hoping these DON’T sound like you..but here we are! Nine signs you’re a Psychopath!

1.  They’re arrogant, and they truly believe they’re better than everyone else.

2.  They’re charming, they talk a lot, and they dominate conversations because they think what they have to say is more important.

3.  They get bored easily.  So they need constant stimulus.  They might also have trouble finishing projects.

4.  They’re extremely manipulative.  They also tend to be very good at lying.

5.  They show a lack of remorse or guilt when they do something wrong.  Or they might not even accept responsibility for it.

6.  They’re impulsive . . . they do things without thinking of the consequences.

7.  They’re irresponsible.  They show up late to work a lot, and might also be financially dependent on someone else for long periods of time.

8.  They have a bad temper, and might get annoyed or impatient really easily.

9.  They struggle with serious relationships.  And when they ARE in one, they tend to sleep around a lot.


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