How to get out of a speeding ticket!


These tips came from actual cops and their ticket writing experiences! Here are some ways to MAYBEEEEEE get out of a speeding ticket we all dread!

1. Put your turn signal on as soon as possible, even if there’s nowhere to pull over. That way they know you’re at least trying to.

2. Kiss up to them BEFORE they go to their car to run your info. That’s usually when they decide whether or not to give you a ticket. And once they write one, they can’t take it back.

3. Don’t be short with them, but don’t talk too much either. They might get suspicious if you give a one-word answer to every question.

4. Try to make them laugh. Which sounds a little risky, but apparently it works. We’re assuming a bad joke has the opposite effect though. So don’t force it.

5. Mentioning that you know a cop DOES work sometimes. So if you can work it into the conversation, go for it.

( (thrillist)

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