3 ways to handle a meltdown at work!

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I probably have 3 to 5 meltdowns a week at work. Not gonna lie. So when I saw this headline I HAD to read it!!

1. Use the Ten-Ten-Ten breathing method. Breathe in slowly for ten seconds . . . then out for ten seconds . . . and repeat it ten times. It takes almost three-and-a-half minutes, but that’s kind of the point. It gives you enough time to reset.

2. Stare at something blue. Studies have shown that looking at the color blue, or touching something that’s blue can have a calming effect, possibly because it reminds us of water.

3. Squeeze between the knuckles of your first two fingers. Meaning your pointer finger and your middle finger. Basically, you use your thumb to push down on the side of your middle finger where it meets your palm.

There’s a pressure point there that’s used in Eastern medicine to relieve stress, and apparently it can lower your blood pressure.