4 Ways you may be grilling burgers wrong….

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Just in time for football season!!! Here are 4 tips to cooking burgers..but I’m assuming you already knew them… 😉

1. Don’t use burgers with too much fat. Ground beef with a higher percentage of fat is usually cheaper. That’s okay if you’re cooking burgers on the stove, but when fat drips on the grill, you get flare-ups. And you might burn the outside of the burgers while they’re still raw inside.

2. Don’t season them too soon. Putting salt on ground beef draws out the moisture, so you end up with dry burgers. Especially if you use too much, or do it too soon. So don’t season the meat until RIGHT before you put it on the grill.

3. Don’t cut into them to see how well they’re done. If you need to get a general idea of how well they’re cooked, do it with ONE of them. But then YOU should eat that burger, because it’ll be drier than the rest of them are.

4. Don’t let the buns get soggy. It happens if you make a bunch of burgers at the same time, and immediately put them on buns for people. If you want to do it that way, the trick is to put the slice of cheese UNDER the burger, so it protects the bun from all the juices.