Acadia Parish Assistant Police Chief resigns following discovery of racist posts on Facebook

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Wayne Welsh

The Estherwood Assistant Police Chief has resigned from his position after posting racist remarks on his personal Facebook page. Police Chief Ernest Villejoin says he immediately called Wayne Welsh when he was notified and Welsh admitted to making the posts.

Villejoin says this is not a reflection of the police department, and Welsh is extremely sorry.

“He said he wasn’t thinking when he did it, and knows what he did now. But he is no longer with the Estherwood Police Department,” said Villejoin.

Welsh posted multiple comments referring to Muslim women as trash bags, and he also uploaded a racially charged meme.

“Wayne is a good man, he’s a good police officer but he resigned. He didn’t want the police department to have any problems with what he did so he resigned,” said Villejoin.

He added he’s known Welsh his entire life.

“Believe me, I didn’t want any of it to come out like that. I try to be friends with anybody, I try to help anybody I can. I’m very sorry it happened.”

-Emelie Gunn