America is going down the toilet.

There may be numerous reasons why I might say America is going down the toilet.  Being the lover of the English language that I am, I’m going to focus only on that – language.

And you know who I blame?  TWITTER.  And I blame Twitter, because in just a few short years, they have conditioned you to believe that you must express yourself in 144 characters or less.  And if that means abbreviating words and phrases, then so be it.

The example I cite most often is the use of the letters “u r”.  People I used to think were smart are actually using “u” and “u r” in everyday writing…not just when forced by Twitter to confine themselves to 144 characters.  Here’s an example:

First, let me say God bless this nice person for wanting to help a friend.  But this person had absolutely no reason to abbreviate anything, as this was neither a Twitter post nor any other character-limiting platform.  But he or she has been so brainwashed, that using “u r” is now the standard for writing.

(Notice I do not rail against the use of “y’all” as second person plural.  I find the contraction [which he or she spelled correctly] to be quite useful.)

Wake up!  You’re being manipulated!  You’re contributing to the dumbing-down of America, and you won’t even realize it until you read about it 45 years from now in a history book.

If you can still read.