Bathroom cellphone talkers: It Can Wait

I’ve found myself getting possibly over-irritated by this so I’ll just vent here.
I mean, why do people talk on the phone inside a bathroom stall while they are sitting on the toilet? I work in a building (not here) where this seemingly happens all the time and it makes things awkward for me in the stall next door…like should I wait? She’s on the phone talking…is it rude if I flush?
This one time I was conducting an interview over the phone for a news story with a city councilman in Shreveport. I can’t remember what the story was..probably on some ordinance or something. But halfway through the interview I hear something. OMG is that what I think it is? It sounds like…he’s peeing. So I go on with the interview and ask my questions, and sure enough there it is. The toilet flush. It was a recorded interview, not live, so I could edit it out…but it was on the record which he knew because I told him. He could have told me, “Hey Michelle, call you in 5.” Right? My interview was not an emergency.
You know how they have those, “It Can Wait” campaigns about not texting while driving..I think we should start an, “It Can Wait” for bathrooms as well.
I think it would be way too passive agressive of me to post a sign on the bathroom with a cellphone crossed out and in IMACT font, “It can wait.”
But I’m thinking about it.
Have a great day, and Geaux Tigers. -MS

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