Bourbon Street is still gonna suck for a while.

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Photo: Lauren LeBlanc Haydel

Complications with sewage and drainage lines on Bourbon Street have caused extreme delays in construction. The project to rebuild the historic street began about three months ago and officials with the New Orleans Public Works Department say they are about two months behind schedule. Director Mark Jernigan says the weather is also making it difficult to complete the project.

“We had over double the annual rainfall for the month of June. Right now we’re tracking about 15 work days that have been lost so far due to weather delays,” said Jernigan.

Jernigan says work crews have also found that the exact location and size of almost all the utility lines underneath Bourbon Street were either missing or inaccurately depicted on their plans.

“What we found really, lesson learned, that exploratory trenching in multiple locations in each block is the only reliable way to verify where the utility lines are buried.”

Jernigan says space underneath Bourbon Street is even more limited than anticipated to support new lines and the condition of the ducts was severely worse than predicted. He says many businesses along with street are in violation of the state’s plumbing code.

“We’ve discovered roof drain lines from buildings terminating underneath the street but not connected to the drain system. This is prevalent in about 20% of the businesses.”

It’s expected the project will be completed by late October.
-Halen Doughty