BREC’s Liberty Lagoon


We are SO fortunate to have this hot spot in the middle of Baton Rouge! The BREC Liberty Lagoon, located at 111 Lobdell Ave, is well worth your time. BREC spends hours upon hours taking care of these parks for our entertainment and it shows at the Liberty Lagoon!

Between numerous renovations and an incredible new slide/ride, take a minute to see for yourself!


The Shockwave-Flowrider is truly bringing surfing to Southern Louisiana!  For those of us who aren’t experienced, we can lay down on the ride and enjoy the waves. For the brave ones, you are welcome to knee or stand up to get all the thrills you want!


See pictures of the Flowrider and other slides here:

Park Features

Get information on admission to the park here:


All in all, Liberty Lagoon is great for all ages, safe for families and provides potential jobs for our residents.

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