Cops get call over suspicion of cat being in tree armed with machine gun


Newport Oregon Police Department

I’m assuming police and fire departments get calls all the time about cats being in trees, but I can’t imagine that reports typically include the fact that the animal is actually armed.

I searched all over the interwebs to find out if this was actually true; and either the Newport, Oregon Police Department is fake (which it isn’t) — or their social media person has an incredible sense of humor.

As you will see from the post below, it appears as though the later may be the case.

You see, the Newport Police Department was recently alerted to a cat who appeared to be armed, possibly with a semi-automatic weapon, and had situated itself high in a tree.

Officers and K9 units responded to the scene, but ultimately determined that the cat was simply holding onto a branch that resembled a firearm.

According to the department’s FB post, the cat was given a verbal warning for posing with what could be mistaken as an assault rifle.

I can’t.

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