Curling: The drunkest Olympic sport of all time.


Y’all, as honest Louisianians; and LSU fans for that matter. Or ANY of you who have ever been to an event or concert where you’re like, “Dude, I’m getting two beers right now.” Because who wants to go back and stand in line later?

There are super important things happening. Meet Shawn Germain. He’s doing what any husband would do…support his wife during her curling match in South freakin’ Korea. I feel like the internet is making a big deal of him double fisting beers at 9am. But even his own Tweet reminds everyone that, at home, all of their friends are in Canada getting drunk watching them when it’s dark outside:

I’m also not going to embed these exact messages, because even though I love the Olympics, I truly feel that curling is stupid on an international stage. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching curling for some reason.

But..let me get this straight. So far the biggest scandal in the PyeongChang Olympics has been thankfully moved away from the North Korean “cheerleaders.” And it’s now a doping CURLER? BAHAHAHAH!

I read a thread on this matter, where curlers here in the US are promoting their own clubs, and saying that…if ANY of us know what we we’re really talking about when it comes to curling; we’d already know that it’s one big drunk fest. My bad brah!

Well where the hell is Leo’s when we need him! 😉

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