Disappointment at the ball park


Dan Day, the Drakette, and I drove to the Shrine on Airline Sunday to watch our first game of the newly-named New Orleans Baby Cakes.  Silly name or not, I decided to buy in to the concept, because it’s baseball, and I just plain like baseball.  Hell, I even spent $23 and bought a Baby Cakes cap to show my support!

But I was disappointed.

It wasn’t so much that the ‘Cakes lost 4-2 to the Omaha Storm Chasers.  It wasn’t even that the ‘Cakes only managed to scratch out two hits.  It was the food.

I had heard tell of a “Baby Cakes Burger” that was sold at the ball park.  A tale of a hamburger patty placed not on a bun, but between two mini King Cakes!  It sounded so strange, I just had to try it for myself!  And yet, this mystery burger was no place to be found on the concourse of the stadium!  I asked the fellow manning the courtesy booth, and he said, yes, the Baby Cakes Burger is sold right over there at the Burgercraft concession stand.  But sadly, it was closed!  Closed!  How could the team’s signature hamburger not be sold on a Sunday afternoon??

In fact, not only could I not get a Baby Cakes Burger, I couldn’t get a bowl of jambalaya, a po boy, or a bowl of gumbo, because the concession stand that sold those was closed, too!!!

I had to settle for the same old junk you can get in any ballpark anywhere in the country: hot dogs, nachos, and peanuts.  Not that there’s anything wrong with hot dogs, nachos, and peanuts.  But this is New Orleans, baby!

C’mon, Baby Cakes management!  Wake up!

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