Eagle 98.1 Small Business Spotlight Initiative

The working from home Guaranty Media DJs announce our, “Small Business Spotlight Initiative.” We’ve had many businesses reach out to us for plugs during our live shifts, and wanted to give ALL businesses an avenue to have this opportunity in the fairest way possible. For $100, the DJ of your choice from Eagle 98.1 will “spotlight” your business for up to one minute during a live shift from their home! We will also include a logo of your business in the Small Business Spotlight section of our station websites, and include you in our social media. You will work directly with one of us to make this happen, and you will call the shots and we will schedule for you. It’s as simple as that!

You can message any of us here on Facebook, or a better way would be to email us for the next step. 

Anna Maran Betts anna.betts@guarantymedia.com

Mike Benson mike.benson@guarantymedia.com

Michelle Southern Plumlee michelle.southern@guarantymedia.com

Charles Pierce chuckp@eagle981.com

Thanks for helping us spread the word! 💛💜


Spotlight for April 14th, 2020: Mountain Pure CBD

Have you been wondering about starting CBD and not knowing where to begin?  What about the search for hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap?  And that Vitamin C everyone is wanting to fuel their system right now? Well look no further than Mountain Pure CBD. Mountain Pure is Louisianas FIRST manufacturing  company based right here in Baton Rouge and established in 2017! They pride themselves on helping the community by offering over 25 different therapeutically dosed CBD products, including oil, vitamins, topicals and yes, even hand sanitizer and soap.   During this trying time, they are offering 15% DISCOUNT off ALL orders to everyone listening by using the discount code #radio.   What are you waiting for!? Order today at www. Mountain pure cbd. Com and check them out on Facebook for education and support on all things herbal wellness or call 225.428.9705.


Spotlight for April 7th, 2020: AFTERTIMEBIO RECOVERY SERVICE

How do you get rid of viruses and bacterias in your home, offices, and cars? How can you make sure you’re cleaning every inch of your home to keep you and your family safe? Call Aftertime Bio! Aftertime Bio is a team of certified bio technicians that specialize in trauma cleaning. They will fog and disinfect your home starting as low as $80!

And YES their chemicals kill the coronavirus and much more! They are also a great deodorizer for pet, smoke and all sorts of bad smells.

Let the professionals come in and disinfect your home properly to get rid of 99.9 percent of all viruses and bacteria living around you. Call 225-663-9676 or visit aftertimebio.com for more info.

This is how Aftertime Bio’s shoutout sounded on the air:


Spotlight for April 6th, 2020: American Leak Detection

American Leak Detection is the world leader in the minimally invasive leak detection industry. We use the most advanced ultra-sonic leak detection equipment, including cameras and infrared technology to locate those pesky hidden leaks. Commercial and residential leaks cause thousands of dollars in damage to buildings and pools.

Yes, we ARE open for business and are considered an essential service provider. With these uncertain times, American Leak Detection is following the strictest health and safety protocols to protect our employees and customers from this ongoing health crisis. Rest assured that our professionals have the public’s safety as our #1 priority. Restoring proper water service to our customers give us gratification that words cannot describe proves our importance to the community. For 30 years we have striven to be the best in our industry and work hard, on a daily basis to provide excellent customer service.

Give us a call today and let us show you why we are the worldwide leader in the leak detection industry.


Spotlight for April 2nd, 2020: Matthews Distribution, LLC.

Serving your local restaurants for 25 years, MATTHEWS DISTRIBUTION delivers FRESH French bread, baked DAILY, to all of our favorite restaurants, including the Chimes, Louisiana Lagniappe, Mansur’s on the Boulevard, and more. Many of his customers have been with him for over 20 years, not only for the quality of his product, but for unmatched, RELIABLE customer service.
He offers Poboys, Muffulettas, Dinner rolls, hamburger buns, bread sticks, you name it. The bread is delicious, light and crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. The best bread you’ve ever tasted.
So restaurants in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas, if you’re looking for a bread that will complement any meal, give Steve Matthews with Matthews Distribution a call at (225) 252-5248, or find him on Facebook at: Matthews Distribution, LLC.

This is how Matthews Distribution Small Business Spotlight sounds on the radio: