Educate Yourself On Opioid Addiction and Risks

We’ve partnered with our local District Attorney’s Office to help fight the Opioid addiction and overdoses surrounding our community.  These numbers may shock you regarding overdoses in Baton Rouge.  Learn more, educate yourself on the dangers and be aware of the crisis that has taken over.


Louisiana’s overdose rate is 24.5 per 100,000- 13% higher than national average.

1,108 overdose deaths in Louisiana during 2017

EBR Parish overdose rate is 24.87 per 100,000-14.6% higher than national average

111 overdose death in EBR Parish during 2017

102 overdose deaths in the Parish during 2018

Decrease from prior year but increase in Opioids detected in the system (82.4% in 2018 vs. 76.6% in 2017)

With this grant awarded to the DA’s office the goal is to save lives and families by reducing the amount of overdoses and disrupting criminal networks.  Strategies include more thorough investigations of overdose scenes, increasing data driven intel, implementing social network analysis aimed at the Opioid market and holding community forums.

(SOURCE: 19th Judicial District Attorney’s CSU)


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