All right, I’m really getting pissed off here with the calls to remove virtually every statue now standing in virtually every state in the Union.  And whose statue is possibly on the chopping block now?  CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS!!!

Why?  Because some New York City councilman who’s from the Caribbean finds him offensive.  And when did this [expletive deleted] decide to call for Columbus’s treatment of the indigenous people of the Caribbean to “be looked into”?   When she was blathering about the removal of ANOTHER statue, that of J. Marion Sims, the father of modern gynecology — but whose breakthroughs came from experimenting on black slaves without anesthesia!!!

At the same time, this poor widdle snowflake also asked if the tomb of Ulysses S. Grant should also be considered for removal, over claims of anti-Semitism for an order he gave during the American Civil War expelling Jewish people from the area of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi.  (Grant later apologized for the order.)

THAT’S IT!  I’ve had it.  Do away with every single goddam statue in the United State of America.  ALL of them!  Tear ’em all down.  Because if America lets these pussies push us around, then American History shouldn’t start until 2017.  Nobody invented anything…nobody discovered anything…nobody taught anything…nobody wrote anything before 2017.

That’s right: dynamite Mount Rushmore, too!  Washington and Jefferson owned slaves, and we certainly can’t honor THAT kind of man, can we?  And Roosevelt and Lincoln?  They both had FACIAL HAIR!  It’s unconscionable that we could honor these men, when it’s very possible that people who are follically-challenged find them offensive.

And the monument to Crazy Horse?  Are you kidding me?  Blow it up!  He took up arms against the United States government!  That’s the same thing the Rebels did in the Civil War, and look at all the Civil War monuments coming down all over the south!!!

So this is the way our country is going, my friend.  And as long as we give in to every sniveling, whining, mewling creampuff who wants to make news, this is the way it will continue…until SOMEBODY in the justice system has the stones to stand up and say, “It is your Constitutional right to be offended.  So go be offended.  Now sit down and shut the hell up!”

Here’s the article: https://goo.gl/zqwwor