Falcons Lose! Falcons Lose!

The much-hated Atlanta Falcons must have been flying pretty high going into the 4th Quarter of last night’s Super Bowl, only to come crashing back down to earth after the heroic comeback of the never-say-die New England Patriots.  Good!  They got what they deserved.

Let the jokes fly!

“How are the Falcons like a busted telephone?  No ring!”

“What’s the difference between the dirty birds and a dirty bathtub?  The bathtub has a ring!”

Etc., etc.

It was truly a great game, though.  One for the ages.  The halftime show that Lady Gaga put on was excellent.  The commercials were OK, but nothing really spectacular, in my opinion.

And now that the Super Bowl (and football season) is over, we can concentrate on what really matters: LSU Baseball!

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