KISS Misspelled “Cincinnati” on a Tour Shirt

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You know how embarrassing it is for a band when they’re doing a show in Detroit, and the singer goes, “Are you ready to rock, Chicago???” Well, this might be even worse than that.

KISS brought their End of the Road Tour to Cincinnati this past Thursday, and they were selling special, commemorative shirts with the city’s name on the back, in huge letters. The only problem is, they misspelled it.

Granted, Cincinnati is a tough one to spell. A lot of people get confused over which of the last two consonants get doubled, the ‘N’ or the ‘T’.

Well, it’s the ‘N’. But whoever designed this tour shirt just hedged their bets and doubled BOTH, so it’s got a double ‘T’ at the end when there should only be one.

The shirt cost 50 bucks, but here’s the silver lining if you bought one: It could become a collector’s item. Somebody’s already selling one on eBay with a starting bid of $400. And it already got the minimum bid.