[LISTEN] I invited my biggest critic to join me on the air Friday. What he has accomplished for Veterans in Louisiana is amazing.


Since Tommy Straight learned of me as a radio personality a few years ago, he has given me nothing but negative reviews. But after a time, I had a feeling that I was his favorite DJ. Let me make it clear that he would never admit it.

I invited him to join me in studio Friday to talk about Sunday’s Veterans parade in Baton Rouge, which he has worked tirelessly to make happen. The event is now in its second year, and he’s getting coverage like crazy.

He informed me that through the years, Veterans Day parades in Baton Rouge were never successful, because nobody ever showed up. This made me really sad.

Well now the Capitol Area Veterans Association has successfully created a parade in year two.

Tommy told me off record that it comes to fruition because people granted his wishes, “Just to shut him up.”

There are many ways to make things happen, Tommy has his own.

I gave him a time frame to show up at the station, and sure enough he did. And I escorted him personally to the studio, and we did this interview.

He refused headphones asserting that he hated the sound of his own voice.

But he nailed it. Tommy’s style is certainly unique, but the man has created a parade Baton Rouge, and we owe it to our Veterans to be there.

Here is what he had to say.

On another personal note. My husband and I have been watching “Vietnam in HD” on the History Channel, and to say it’s been an eye opener is an understatement.

Tommy recommended the following song:

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