Miami has My Heart

I just got back from Miami. Now I am no Miami virgin. Over the years, I have made many visits and always have the greatest time. It seems like every time I go, it cannot live up to how good the last time was then it does. Here is a quick recap of what I did.

Day 1

Hit up a cool dive bar on 2nd street called Ted’s Hideaway. They had a large selection of beer and bar food.

Drank a “Call a Cab” at Wet Willie’s on Ocean Drive. I ordered a large and the bartender asked if I had ever had one as a warning. No worries, I am from Louisiana and can handle frozen drinks.

Ate at Puerto Sagua, it is a great diner that serves breakfast food, Cuban and Carribean Food. I got some fried plantanes, a Cuban sandwich, pulled pork over rice and onion rings for under $40.

I drank some Yuengling Beer. I try to drink it everytime I am around it because we do not have it in Louisiana.

Day 2

I started with some Breakfast Yuengling Beer then hit the beach for music, more beer and sun all day. Not much nudity was seen because the beers and sun had me laying with my eyes closed.

I also discovered a local beer named Polar Beer. Nice smooth pilsner. Drink it if you get a chance.

After a long day at the beach I ate at Vino’s Pizza, which is New York style pizza then went to bed because it was a long day at the beach and the next day was going to be long.

Day 3

More Breakfast Beers and full ice chest

All day on the beach then walking down Ocean Drive(Beach Strip) and during the day it was crazy people watching and fun.

Finally it was dive bar time. Hit up Club Deuce. I did not realize they were doing 2-4-1, so I came back from the bathroom with another beer waiting for free. It is a great dark, dive bar with cool atmosphere and is almost always open.

After falling out the Deuce, I dove into Lost Weekend and they had $7 pitchers. I really liked Lost Weekend, it is a fun dive bar with pool tables, cool people and bar food.

Finally, I need food so I hit up this Puerto Rican place Jimmy’z Kitchen and tore up some mofongo, it is my favorite Puerto Rican delicacy.

Day 4

Breakfast beers and beach all day then went back to Puerto Sagua because it was easy and good. Then took a walk up and down the beach and strip at night then hit the hay because I had to get up for a 8 a.m. flight.


I am probably leaving out a lot but that is what happens in Miami especially when you drink breakfast beers and spend all day on the beach.

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