My visit to Paragon!!!!


We had an AMAZING visit to the Paragon Casino Resort! The drive itself took no time at all and the time we did spend in the car we chatted, laughed and noticed the scenery.

From live Louisiana alligators in the actual lobby of the casino to beautiful rooms with gorgeous views, the Paragon will not disappoint you AND the entire family! Unlike other casino resorts, you are allowed and encouraged to bring the kids.  In fact, as you can see above, there are two specific areas for kids to play while you go do your thing! They aren’t allowed to leave without parent super vision and when you’re ready for some family time, treat the kids to one of THREE movies playing in the on site theaters.

Next, have a family dinner at one of the numerous restaurants on site and dessert in your room overlooking the lobby with beautiful flower arrangements and huge indoor trees.

After the kids are asleep and your comfortable (if they are old enough of course), head downstairs to GAMBLE and have some fun! There is a nightclub with your name on it, bars, games and 64,000 square feet of a gaming area!

We aren’t even CLOSE to done yet! The next morning, play golf on their respected golf course and/or hit the massive spa! Swim in one of three pools, including an indoor pool with a swim up bar, in case the weather isn’t holding up! Hey, maybe you even find one of their numerous concerts they bring to the Mari Showroom and do it all over again the following evening with live music from national acts!

As you can see from my personal pictures above, Paragon is an amazing, family friendly getaway! For more information click below and ENJOY!!

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