Northeast Louisiana once again the setting for new reality show: Rednecks 4 Hire


There’s yet another reality show with northeast Louisiana ties that is quickly becoming the latest TV craze. Rednecks 4 Hire follows three men who do nasty jobs that nobody else wants to deal with. David Yelton says he and Mike Myers and Kevin Dodd will do almost anything.

“People were calling us left and right about us chasing animals out of their houses, then they started calling about beaver damns,” said Yelton.

Yelton says the three of them know each other from church, and decided to work together to help people out. He says everything you see on the show actually happened the exact way it’s presented.

“What we talk about, and how we do it is not scripted at all,” said Yelton. “There is no way to script it.”


Yelton says so far they’ve filmed 6 episodes which air on the CW at 6:30am on Saturdays, and 12:30pm on Sundays. You can also like Rednecks 4 Hire on Facebook, and watch the show through their YouTube Channel. Yelton says so far it seems like people like it most when he gets hurt.


“We went to catch a possum out of a guys house, and I fell through the deck because it was rotten,” said Yelton. “I’m sitting there bleeding to death and the camera guys never missed a beat and filmed the entire thing.”
You can watch the first episode below:

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  1. David yelton 29 September, 2017 at 17:44 Reply

    Michelle if you guys would like another interview feefree to call me.also we are looking for sponsors for commercials for the show.any help would be great. Also I think you know a good friend of mine Debra Dobbs Payne.

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