Phone scam! BEWARE!!!


The other day I got a phone call on my land line at home.  “Hi, this is Jeremy,” said the voice on the phone.  It was a good voice, but I was pretty sure it was a robo-call.  “Our records show that you or someone in your family needs a back brace,” the voice said.  “Can you hear me OK?”


If you ever get a call in which the caller asks, “Can you hear me?” HANG UP IMMEDIATELY!!!  IT’S A SCAM, AND A VICIOUS ONE, AT THAT!!!

The object for the scammer is to get you to say the word “YES.”  Your voice saying “yes” can then be used in a number of ways to make fraudulent purchases on the telephone in your name.

Please take a moment and read the article here:

Remember:  “Can you hear me?” HANG UP IMMEDIATELY!!!

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