{RECAP} Angry ULL Caller, and subsequent reaction.


So I started the day with a pretty angry call from a ULL fan over the morning laughs about what happened in last night’s game vs LSU in the first round of the NIT. It was a heated game, Cajun Coach Bob Marlin had been talking some smack about LSU in the days leading up to the game, and Coach Wade used that to his advantage. The fighting tigers of LSU ended up beating ULL 84-76.

Here is the angry call:

So I told Gordy Rush and he gave me permission to get listener reaction for one day only, then we’ll all let this go. Here are listener reactions…not one ULL fan called to agree with the above caller. 🙂 Geaux Tigers. Thanks for the kind words. -Michelle



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  1. janie nelson 16 March, 2018 at 14:06 Reply

    Michelle, we enjoy listening to you and Anna doing the “girl talk” As for the fan call, it takes all kinds of ignorant people to make up this world, just ignore the ignorant ones!

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