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PREPPING YOUR BUSINESS FOR BARRY: Over the next few days, Louisiana will experience torrential rain related to Tropical Storm Barry.

When making preparations for your business, here are a few suggestions to best protect your network through the storm:

• Go through your disaster recovery plan NOW, to make sure there are no kinks in the system.
• For insurance purposes, take pictures of any equipment that could get damaged during the storm. Before and after pictures are extremely important.
• Make sure you have a backup plan AND that it is working.
• Power down all equipment before you leave – computers, servers, etc. Contact us if you need assistance shutting down network equipment.
• Once all equipment is powered down, move to higher ground. A lot of hardware survived the August 2016 floods because they were moved on top of desks.

If something catastrophic happens to your office, contact us as soon as possible.

• If your backup solution is through GSTS, we will get it restored as soon as possible to minimize business impact.
• If you do not have a backup solution and something happens, hard drives are best recovered when they are STILL WET.
• We will assess damage and provide documentation for your insurance company, if needed.
• We have plenty of office space available for our customers to work in, if needed.

This information compliments of the team at Gulf South Technology Solutions.