So, this is my kid Henry….


Henry, age 12

Since I talk about Henry often, I’d like you to meet him. We’re off to Lake Charles with Daniel’s sister for a weekend of fun, disguised as a weekend for him away from us with his friends. Before he was off this morning, he decided to come wake me up at 7:30am and request that I please remove my clothes from our dryer. He said, “I need to put my clothes in, and I don’t want to touch your panties and bras and stuff.”

Really? Not exactly sure why in the hell at age 12, mom suddenly has cooties. And/Or how it happens that he is now ordering me to do my laundry.

Either way, I had to snap this pic of him today as he was on his way out because I did find it incredibly sweet that he put an Eagle 98.1 shirt on. He’s excited about mom’s new job.

But he’s still a jerk.

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