Southern Rock, August 1st, 2017: New traffic camera law going into effect today…in YOUR favor. (video included)


So about 200 new laws go into effect today, and one of those we as motorists I’m sure will appreciate.

There now has to be a warning sign posted ahead of a speed enforcement camera. And if you’ve ever gotten a surprise ticket in the mail, you know how badly it sucks.

It happened to me once, but it was a red light camera ticket worth $117. (oh happy day, not.) And of course they send you these notices with a link to a video of your violation, and pictures from every angle essentially proving unequivocally that you have in fact violated the law.

Well back then I posted the video to my Facebook page when a discussion ensues — and a former city councilman chimes in and tells me I don’t have to pay it. Well I politely told him that I was going to pay it. He told me that NO I really don’t have to because of due process laws and blah blah.

But I told him that there is video (a video that is CLEAR AS DAY) evidence of me running a red light and I was going to pay it.

Then the dude blocked me on Facebook…really?

Anyway you can see my offense below, and the offending argument which merited a full blown Facebook blockage.

Be on the lookout for those speed camera signs y’all. -MS

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