“The Greatest F—ing Audience In The World?”

First let me say that I can’t believe Seger is playing Baton Rouge! Seger has played everywhere but…And as a Michigan boy, I HAD to see him whenever he came close to us. That was easy enough a few years ago in New Orleans where he didn’t disappoint…I thought that was the last time. But then Bob announced his farewell tour to “Roll Me Away” (one of my favorites by him). That tour only came as close as Austin where I did go see him. It was emotional. He told stories of growing up in Michigan, his influences and dedicated a song to his past musical influences and partners who have since passed away including Glen Frey of the Eagles who sang backup in “Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man”, while flashing slides of himself hanging out with music legends. His performance was soulful and pristeen. His band played like they did back in the “Double Bullet Live” Album days. I was at one of the shows they recorded that at Cobo Hall in Detroit. Check the song notes inside the cover. Remember those? He gave a nod to my station at the time WWWW. And during the medley of Heavy Music and Katmandu, he referred to Detroit as the greatest “Fxxxing Audience in the WORLD”. That got a HELL YEAH from this young rocker!!! At that show while he broke it down to a spotlight on him strumming a solo part on “Turn The Page” and just before the sax solo, Bob pointed to the rafters and the spotlight went high where his long time Sax Player Alto Reed played the iconic part that makes that song timeless while hanging from the roof. OMG!!! Seger is a seasoned professional. His band is the tightest in rock and roll and his performance is sincere and exhausting as he leaves it all out there. And to have him play here??? YOU GOTTA SEE SEGER!!! And let’s show him that maybe Baton Rouge audiences are the “GREATEST Fxxxing AUDIENCE in the WORLD!