Thoughts from the road

Last week I was on vacation. I put 2600 miles on my car driving to Maryland, up to Philadelphia, and home again. And during that time, I had the opportunity to think about something very important:

Crab cakes.

Now, ordinarily I’d say that southeast Louisiana is the seafood capital of the world. Except when it comes to crab cakes. You see, I’m from Baltimore, which is where the crab cake is king. Here in Baton Rouge, crab cakes are puny little things, made from shreds of crab meat and filled with bread crumbs or cracker meal or some such nonsense.

But in Maryland, and in particular at Cameron’s Seafood Market in Rockville, THIS is what crab cakes look like:
Each one of these beauties is made with jumbo lump crab meat, and each one is about the size of a softball. By the way, after they fry one up for you, THIS is what it looks like:
Yeah, they put it on a bun, but didn’t bother with that.

So, yeah…we’ve got the entire world beat when it comes to redfish and catfish and oysters and shrimp and crawfish. But when it comes to crab cakes, well, if you know of a local restaurant that has ’em like THAT, let me know.