Use it or lose it


I dislike squandering our resources, natural or man-made. This concerns a man-made resource, and it’s directed at my neighbors in Baker who own dogs.

Right off Hiway 19 at the entrance to our beautiful Greenwood Park, there is a Raising Canes Dog Park. It’s enormous. It has separate areas for large dogs and small dogs. It has a covered pavillion. It has lots of trees. It has benches. It has a watering station. It has loads of space for dogs to run around in and socialize.

Unfortunately, it’s almost always empty. My wife and I take our dog there frequently, and we are almost always there alone.

This wonderful resource is going largely unused! And mark my words, one of these days BREC is going to realize this and eliminate it. Pave it over.

Where are all the people in Baker who own dogs??? My dog wants to run and play with your dog! Without your dog to run with, my dog is finished sniffing and peeing and pooping in 15 minutes! But if you brought your dog, they’d spend an hour running and jumping and playing and getting some exercise together! Bring a book. Bring lunch. Bring a stack of comics.

But bring your dog!

Raising Cane’s Dog Park in Greenwood Park in Baker. Use it. Or lose it.

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