(WATCH) The incredible performance by an “old soul” from Louisiana on American Idol last night


I just realized that I judged Laine Hardy in a singing competition show about 9 months ago, and at that time he told me he had only been singing for a couple of months.

He sang the same song at the North Park gym as last night and he was my absolute favorite that day. I spoke with him afterwards and asked him what song that was and he told me Hurricane by Band Of Heathens and I immediately downloaded it and listened to it non-stop for a week.

Watch below and I think we can all agree that he definitely does not sound like he’s in high school. He’s got that raspy, bar..I’ve been smoking for 30 years voice. Haha.

SO proud! He nailed it and er’body LOVES a Louisiana boy that talks about alligators! Geaux Laine! -MS

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