What happened???

There was quite a bit of excitement around the ol’ Drake household in Baker last night.

Around 8 o’clock or so, the Drakette and I started hearing the sirens of emergency vehicles.  They slowly got closer and closer until it seemed like they were right on the next street over.  I went outside to investigate, and sure enough, looking across my backyard I could see the flashing lights of at least two fire trucks on the next street.

I thought it odd that the fire trucks were moving very slowly…almost as though they couldn’t find the house they were looking for.  I scanned the sky for signs of smoke and saw none.  The fire trucks turned and slowly advanced toward OUR street!

By now, some of the neighbors had joined me at the end of our driveways as the big vehicles, sirens still wailing and lights still flashing, lumbered up our street.  Four of them.  The noise was almost deafening.

Then I saw him.

Perched on top of the second fire truck was a jolly old man dressed in a bright red suit with white trim.  It was Santa Claus!  Santa Claus in what surely must have been one of the shortest parades in history…just four fire trucks!

I’m really glad it wasn’t a fire that called the Baker Fire Department out last night.  But you know what?  They really oughta warn us ahead of time about these things.

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