I’m pretty sleepy today.  I blame the Cubs and the Indians.  I’m not sure what time the game ended, but it was way past my bedtime.  But how could I go to bed when these two teams presented me with some of the best baseball I’ve ever seen?

Admittedly, I did not have “a dog in the fight.”  I’m originally from Baltimore, so if I root for anyone during the season it’s the Orioles.  Until, that is, around the All-Star break, which is traditionally when their season falls apart.  So without a real stake in the game, I found myself pulling for the Cubs, who were down 3 games to 1.

The Cubs came back to tie the Series and wrap it up with one of the most exciting Game Sevens in history.  So congratulations to the Cubs and the entire city of Chicago.  Thanks for a great World Series.

I need a nap.