The year my son told me he was too old to trick-or-treat, ended up being the best Halloween ever


I guess every parent has this moment, right? I mean, Halloween has always been mine and Henry’s special holiday. We forever went all out; walking the best subdivisions. Going to the best street parties. Hitting up the dentist’s house because he passed out bags of toothbrushes and floss, which fascinated my kid for some reason.

Then comes summer of 2017, when my son breaks it to me that he doesn’t want to trick-or-treat anymore. I died a little inside. Three months away from 13; I guess it was bound to happen.

But was he about to give up on October 31st all together? Absolutely not. He was inspired by a story I told him about me driving to see him one Halloween when he lived with his dad in Florida, and I saw a man on the side of I-10; in Alabama…running, dressed as Forrest Gump. It was hilarious, and he laughed for days.

The idea evolved from there. He eventually decided he would pass out candy, on a bench dressed like Forrest Gump. We watched the movie twice the past month; and solicited the help of family and friends for the DIY costume and props. Almost everything you see is borrowed or made.

To say he was a hit in the subdivision is a complete understatement, though I still had to watch from afar as he did not want me out there with him. Totally understandable. We have this great deal now that as long as I get my picture for social media; we’re square.

The moms were especially elated. And to each one that recognized his character, he offered them a chocolate in the perfect Forrest accent and added, “I ate some.”

Now to start thinking how we’ll top this next year. <3 -MS

Below are the pics and video I got to post on Facebook before I was sent indoors.

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