{Interview} Ochsner Baton Rouge Joins Knee Injury Medical Trial

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Listen below to hear my interview with Dr. Burnham, and get the details below on how to take part in this trial:

Ochsner Baton Rouge JoinsKnee Injury Medical Trial

BATON ROUGE – Ochsner Sports Medicine Institute – Baton Rouge is one of 25 top North American health systems chosen by the U.S. Department of Defense for a comprehensive medical trial designed to improve treatment for multiple-ligament knee injuries.

These injuries, which are complex and potentially devastating, often result in prolonged time away from duty, work or sports. Even with the best treatment, full recovery is not guaranteed.

The $4 million Surgical Timing and Rehabilitation, or STaR, medical trial, will benefit the U.S. military, as well as athletes and people from all walks of life who suffer multiple-ligament knee injuries.

Knee surgeons in North America have no consensus on the best timing for treating these injuries or when to start physical rehabilitation. No single medical center treats enough patients with severe knee ligament injuries to answer these questions on their own.

Sponsored by the University of Pittsburg, The STaR Trial Network comprises 25 premier military and academic medical centers, and more than 50 of the top knee surgeons across the U.S. and Canada to determine the most beneficial treatment method.

Dr. Jeremy Burnham, medical director of the Ochsner Baton Rouge sports medicine program and Ochsner’s principal investigator for the STaR trial, says multiple-ligament knee injuries require extremely specialized care and training. He compares the complexity to transplant surgery in that ideal outcomes depend on a highly specialized team and coordinated care.

Dr. Burnham says Ochsner’s inclusion in the trial research reflects its capability as a multi-disciplinary orthopedic team, as well as the skill and experience of its surgeons and physical therapists.

“It’s also a testament to the academic capabilities of Ochsner,” Dr. Burnham says. “This study requires not only high-level treatment but also the ability to track outcomes, perform high-level functional tests to assess patient progress and the use of stringent research protocols to ensure the most accurate results possible.”

Referring physicians and potential candidates for the STaR trial can learn more by calling (225) 761-5895 or visiting the Ochsner Sports Medicine Institute’s website.

To schedule an appointment with any Ochsner Baton Rouge physician, call (225) 761-5200, or visit Ochsner.org/doctors to schedule online. Online appointments are also available through the MyOchsner patient portal.