Launch of New Food Bank App to Greatly Expand Access to Services

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Launch of New Food Bank App to Greatly Expand Access to Services
January 4, 2022

BATON ROUGE, LA – Food insecurity impacts people from all walks of life—especially those who may not
have access to a computer or broadband internet at home despite living in a digital world. Because
mobile phones are more accessible, mobile apps have become an important avenue for providing
information to individuals in need.

The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank with the support of b1BANK has launched a new app to increase
access to food resources for those who many only have a mobile phone. The app provides information
on how to apply for SNAP benefits, upcoming mobile food distributions, resources for agencies and
programs, as well as information on volunteering, donating, and events.

“The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank recognizes the importance and value of immediate access to
urgent and evolving information,” Mike Manning, President and CEO of the Greater Baton Rouge Food
Bank. “With underwriting provided by b1BANK, we are excited to announce the launch of our Mobile
App, a new and innovative platform for updates and resources. Depending on the settings you choose,
the Mobile App can send notifications and alerts about information useful to you.”

Registering for volunteer opportunities through the mobile app is also much easier and more convenient
and provides total access to your volunteer history on the go. You can also find information on how the
Food Bank is fighting hunger in the community and make donations right through the app to support
those experiencing food insecurity.

“We are here for you when you need us, putting helpful information directly into your hands quickly and
conveniently,” said Manning. “I invite you to download the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank Mobile App
today from the Apple Store or through Google Play.”

About the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank
The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank is a non-profit organization that addresses the issue of food
insecurity and hunger. We solicit, inventory, and distribute donated products to member agencies that
directly serve people facing hard times. Our mission is to feed the hungry in Baton Rouge and the
surrounding parishes by providing food and educational outreach through faith-based and other
community partners. With community support, we have served the food insecure in our 11-parish
service area for more than 35 years.