Rock @ Work with Chris Elliott

Clock in and Rock Out during Rock at Work, weekdays from 10am-2pm, and don’t miss the 4Play @ Noon where I feature different themes each weekday playing 4 songs revolving around that theme, could be a featured year, a band, or something from deep in the darkest corners of my mind…yikes! You can weigh in on Chris’ 4-Play at

And of course I hope you’ll join me Sunday mornings starting at 10am for “Sunday Best”, where I’ll feature one of rock’s biggest albums and play every track from the album in order, you can vote on which album we feature below..

So, what makes me, me:

Well, I grew up in the home of Little League Baseball, Williamsport, Pennsylvania(yes I was one of those kids sliding down the grass hill on a piece of high grade cardboard during the Little League World Series). I had dreams of being a professional baseball player, but something magical and mysterious stole my attention, and that was RADIO, could I become the wizard behind the curtain?

Determined to enjoy working for a living, I followed my family footsteps of my grandfather, who did radio in the 50’s & 60’s, and my uncle(Foster-Edward-Casey-Mike) who taught me the finer points of radio and guided me through my early radio years. I’ve had the pleasure of working at some incredible radio stations over the last way too many years all over the country and am extremely excited to connect with you, the incredible Eagle listener everyday, sharing personal stories involving but not limited to some of the adventures of my always entertaining and crazy family.

Music is in my blood, and Rock music has always been my passion, strap in, I’m happy to have you along for the ride as we Rock @ Work weekdays 10 – 2 on Eagle 98.1!