The recipe for PERFECT SEX!

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That got your attention right?? A new “study” (don’t ask) has come up with the the best sex for females and males….proceed with caution!

You know what really sets the mood for getting-it-on? MATH.

A new study tried to come up with the formula for PERFECT SEX, for both women and men. Fortunately they don’t require any actual mathematical ability to implement.

The formula for perfect sex for women is: Wine, plus the bedroom, plus foreplay, plus adult toys, plus a long-term partner, minus anything stressful going on.

The formula for perfect sex for men is: Watching porn, plus the bedroom, plus two sexual positions, plus lube, plus a long-term partner, minus too much alcohol, since it can hurt his performance.

The other things that you should subtract for perfect sex are other people nearby, interruptions from the kids, and hot weather.