Local Business Sells Diamond Blades Online

Cost Cutting Blades is a company selling diamond blades online but based here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but they ship all over the country. They have clients in the far Northwest, Northeast, etc. What do they sell, exactly? Diamond blades, drill bits, early entry blades, rescue blades, etc. These are the types of tools used commercially and in civil projects like highway construction, bridge repair, etc.

Cost Cutting Blades is an extension of a local company but has already shipped blades, bits, and parts to cities all over the United States. With the help of local online marketing agency, Gatorworks, they have gotten the word out to a community that does not typically do a lot of online shopping – blue-collar laborers. However, the innovators at Cost Cutting Blades seem to understand that everything is moving in that direction, even for the stone-masons, concrete cutters, and brick-layers that make up their customer base – people not typically associated with e-commerce.

They also provide access to Rescue Blades – often used by fire departments and the like to cut people out of cars and other precarious situations.

On Cost Cutting Blades, you can get 25% off your first order. So, if you find yourself in need of diamond-tipped blades – whether you’re cutting concrete, stone, bricks, or something else – then go check out their site.