January 8th update: Stimulus payments posted for most today!

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January 8th Update: TurboTax customers report their stimulus has been received today. Yay! 😉

January 6th Update: Looks like “Payment Status #2 – Not Available” means you won’t be getting a payment and you’ll need to file for the tax credit on your 2020 returns. Here are the details: https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/irs-statement-about-second-economic-impact-payments

Some news reports indicate this is happening to people specifically who used TurboTax to file their 2019 returns.


(The below blog post is as of noon on January 5th, 2021 by Michelle Southern.)

So the IRS launched the “Get My Payment” feature here, to see the status of the 2nd stimulus payment.

Many folks are reporting they see the following message when they do this:

But there is another way to check on your payment, though it is a little more step heavy, it’s very easy to do.

1) Visit IRS.gov
2) Navigate to Menu and click or hover over “Pay” and click “View My Account.”
3) Create an account. All you need is the last 8 digits of any credit card or student loan number to verify that it’s actually you creating the account.
4) Once your account is created, login and scroll down to “View Tax Records,” then click, “Get Transcript.” Choose “Other” and hit “Go.” (you do not put a number in the box, leave it blank)
5) Then look under “Account Transcript,” and click 2020.
6) At the bottom of that page you should see something like this:

This is a screenshot of mine. We meet the income requirements as a married couple with 2 dependents so our second stimulus is $2400.

Additionally, there are people who are reporting that the account number listed on “Get My Payment,” is not their account. Well sure mistakes happen, but the IRS is adding a section to your 2020 Tax Returns that allows you to claim your stimulus payment as a tax credit. It’s more waiting, but it is the same as getting that money tax free as if it were deposited into your account.

This information is as I have understood it. There is a lot of helpful information on the IRS website in the FAQ section with regards to eligibility etc.

Hope this helps!