Ochsner Updates!

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Post Storm Updates:

  • Updates: For the latest updates from Ochsner, visit ochsner.org/status  
  • Getting Back on Track with Your Health: It is critically important for patients to not miss their doctor’s appointments and to reschedule appointments, procedures and routine screenings as quickly as possible. We are actively reaching out to patients to ensure they receive the care they need.
  • Blood Donations Needed: Blood supplies are critically low due to closures caused by Hurricane Ida and donation plays a role in saving the lives of our patients and those in our community. To view our Blood Bank locations, please visit ochsner.org/blood bank
  • Mobile Units Coming: Starting next week, Ochsner will have mobile units going into some of the hardest hit areas from Hurricane Ida, specifically the Bayou and River Parishes regions. Our mobile units will offer COVID-19 vaccinations, rapid testing and triage for urgent care needs. We will share our locations and hours of operation as soon as we finalize details.

COVID-19 Updates:

  • Our current COVID-19 census is 386 patients. For context, this is less than half of the patients we were caring for one month ago. The numbers have declined, but we also know that thousands of people are displaced, and testing/vaccines have been disrupted
  • Employees Vaccinated: Approximately 81% of Ochsner Health employees are fully vaccinated.
  • Pediatric Patients: We’ve had nine pediatric COVID-19 admissions in September. Last month we admitted a total of 45 children for COVID-19.