Unwritten “Man” Rules

From Reddit….here is a list of rules men say should be followed. While clearly I’m a female I thought it was cute…


1.  “Nod down when you greet someone.  Nod UP when it’s someone you know.”


2.  “If a friend buys you a drink, you don’t pay it back. You buy the next round.”


3.  “Beer, pizza, and BBQ is acceptable payment for helping another man.”


4.  “Don’t use the urinal next to an occupied one.”


5.  “Don’t roast a man in front of their kid.”


6.  “Don’t start drama.  If drama begins, take steps to de-escalate.”


7.  “If he’s flirting with her, him, or they . . . don’t interrupt.”


8.  “When your friend’s crush is around, he is the funniest in the group.”