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A cleaning lady in New York lost her job during COVID, and had to move in with her sister after working at the same upscale apartment building for 20 years. But everyone who lives there loves her. So they pooled their money . . . and moved her into the PENTHOUSE.

It’s a newly renovated four-bedroom with two massive rooftop terraces. And they covered her rent for 2 years!!! We’re not sure how much it is, but the average rent in Manhattan is $3,800 a month.

When she showed up, she thought the building manager hired her to clean the place. But instead, he showed her around . . . handed her the keys . . . and she broke down in tears. And the whole thing is on video.

Check it out:

Loyal cleaning woman who hit hard times during the Pandemic was given an apartment thanks to all the people who lived where she worked. She’s given a 2 year lease. from r/nextfuckinglevel