When you don’t wanna work out….couple ideas….

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From the fitness experts….

1.  They commit to doing just a few minutes.  Your workout doesn’t need to be long to be beneficial.  Just a 20-minute walk or jog can do wonders.


2. ​ They blast some good music before getting started.  Putting on some tunes that hype you up can get you in a good headspace and help loosen you up.


3.  They find a fun way to move.  It’s easier to work out when it’s an activity you don’t hate.  That might mean dancing around your living room, jumping rope, hula hooping, or doing a spin class.


4.  Sometimes they just don’t work out.  It’s okay to take a rest day every once in a while.  You don’t want to push yourself to a point where you end up hating exercise.

(Huff Post)

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